Thursday, 14 February 2013

Jogjakarta 070213 - 100213


what would i say about this city hm.. as a matter of fact i've already gotten my backpack there for about 4 times as my holiday destination (not include the family trip when i was little which i dont remember how many times i've been there as a cute toddler of course). idk why but i always feel like this city calls out my name whenever the holiday came. and i'm sure that it's not just me who feel this way since this city is one of the most wanted destination in all of this country. my last visit was a week ago been there for 3 night and 4 days based on the rule of Student Budget 101 lol and i finally had a chance to snapped several views of the city. now, by borrowing my boyfie's camera uhuk i know how it seems like oh well :v but i'm such a beginner in this field so haha ok.. by borrowing this camera i'd like to show my finest (according to my own opinion) shots i've taken in the city of traditional hospitality.

those pictures i took when we was heading to Alun-alun Kidul by foot (it's about 30 minutes away haha but it was a really fun walking hour) and the one in the first picture, i'm not sure what the building was i'm afraid ._. but i gotta tell you something, that was not the only building who looked so stunning in its old architecture style. there are plenty of em which gives you such a-traditional-and-old-atmosphere-joy to watch in your evening walk. then there were also a lot of pavements along the sidewalk, selling traditional accessories and others.

Alun-alun Kidul: Beringin Kembar

Becak Menyala Alun-alun Kidul

so those were the famous Beringin Kembar of Alun-alun Kidul, where there's a superstition belief, if we could pass the middle path between those giant trees blindfolded straight and smoothly, it means that we have such a white heart within hoho fyi i made it :3 (after 3 times trial lol) but honestly i'm not the superstition kind of person so yeah just gave it a try. the second picture is the fun pedicap for the entertainment around Alun-alun, so cool hah.

Street Musicians and Kopi Jos of Malioboro

the pictures above is the street musicians of the Malioboro, then the other one is the famous Kopi Jos of Jogjakartaah.. the thing about this coffee is the black charcoal inside it. idk how to describe the taste in detail but certainly it tastes different, more tasteful, BETTER than the ordinary ones!

Ullen Sentalu: Museum Seni dan Budaya Jawa

the next day we went to this culture and art heritage museum called Ullen Sentalu. i've been craving for this place since ever for my mom told me that this is the first place you've ever wanted to be, when you take a vacation to Jogja. and wow i couldnt find the right words to describe the beauty of it. it may be far from the central of the city but it definitly a place worth to be visited. one important thing, we cant take pictures inside for guarding the sancity of the original historical items in the museum.

Monumen Jogja Kembali

Taman Lampion

few hours later then after we took our break from Ullen Sentalu going home trip (which approximately took an hour to our place), we went to this place, called Monumen Jogja Kembali. this monument was actually closed in the evening but what around the building was the one that open. it's called Taman Lampion, where the lanterns shine all over and those were damn gorgeous! there were also several modes of amusement in the park to ride on.

Benteng Vredeburgh


then the next day in the afternoon, we went to, probably the most well known destination in the city: Benteng Vredeburgh and Keraton. Vredeburgh is a fortress which was built for the hard times of war, while Keraton is basically where the royal family of Jogjakkarta stays also having their custom and cultural events celebrated. so as you imagine, such wonderful traditional and historical landscapes that we had a pleasure of watching.

so that was my vacation. how's yours? :)